The Arizona Derby Dames is the largest banked track roller derby league in the country. With six teams, a roster of over one hundred women, AZZD is a leading force in modern, international roller derby.

Banked Track Roller Derby delivers higher speeds, daring moves, dangerous action, and fast paced games. Fans of all ages attend Arizona Derby Dames events.

Our Fans

Multiple generations come to cheer on their favorite teams: the Bombshells, Brutal Beauties, Coffin Draggers, Doomsday Valkyries, Runaway Brides, and Schoolyard Scrappers.

Kids love the team themes, and grandparents love the action they remember, watching banked track roller derby on TV in the 70’s.

For families, singles, students, and couples, AZDD bouts are an exciting and different night out, and more affordable than a night at a concert or professional sports event. With double-header games all-season long, there’s a lot of entertainment for the ticket price.


It’s important to the Arizona Derby Dames that they support the community that supports them. Efforts of the women in the league have benefited charitable organizations, including:

Hall of Dames

The Hall of Dames is AZDD’s venue, and home to some of the best skaters and trainers in banked track roller derby. Fans enjoy a unique experience where they are close to the action, can meet skaters, and enjoy an exciting night of hard-hits.

Location: 2517 W. McDowell Rd Ste #118, Phoenix, AZ 85009

Hours: Doors open @5pm, bouts start @6pm. See schedule for bout dates.

Parking: Parking is free, and on a first-come basis. (Please be considerate of local businesses operating during our bouts.)

Seating: We have bleachers, risers, and accessible room available for fans to enjoy the bout.

More Details

Founded: 2005, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Current Season: Season 15, September 2019 – May 2020

Teams: Six Home Teams, Two All-Star Teams

Skaters: 100+ and counting

Professional house audio, with music throughout the night.

Check ourĀ Season Schedule, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram, for dates of bouts, tournaments, and other special events.