The Arizona Derby Dames are fundraising to #saveourspace​. Like so many others, we have been hit hard by COVID-19. Help us continue to make an impact on skaters by donating to our juniors program:

Smash some pins for a good cause. 🎳 JOIN US FOR A DAY OF BOWLING ON March 25th at Let It Roll! 😎💙💛 We’re hosting a killer 9-pin bowling fundraising event to help out our financially struggling roller derby league, the Arizona Derby Dames.

Our goal is to raise as close to one months rent as possible (one months rent is $10222.09). This will help our league sustain through the summer months that we cannot hold events due to the Arizona heat (Mid May-mid Sept).

We have spots open for bowling team signups and tons of sponsorship opportunities. If you’re interested in sponsoring, comment below. If you’d like to sign up as a team, click here.

We have a merch store! Get official Arizona Derby Dames hoodies, hats, shirts, and more, while supporting your favorite roller derby league. 

The mission of AZDD Inspire, a non-profit organization, is to mentor young female athletes through the sport of Banked Track Roller Derby.

Adult skaters and volunteers will promote sportsmanship, healthy habits, leadership, and volunteerism, in girls ages 10 – 18.

Youth skaters will be empowered with physical fitness, mental toughness, and adaptability. Through mentorship, skaters will be taught the value of teamwork. These self-confident girls will participant in volunteer activities to enrich their community.

Visit AZDD Inspire for more information.