Coffin Draggers

#7656 Zombabiee

Doomed to a life of eternal youth, the story how Zombabiee came to be is a gloomy one. Roller skating home from school one day, a young and then alive Zombabiee decided to take a short cut through the local graveyard.

Almost immediately after passing the first head stone a mangled and bloody hand shot out the ground and grabbed her by the ankle.

Before she knew what was happening the girl felt the piercing pain of sharp teeth clenching around her leg. Almost immediately, everything went black as the zombie virus quickly took hold of her body.

Reanimating but a day later, Zombabiee’s life as she knew it was over. Disgusted by her own existence she went into hiding, watching in misery as her friends and family searched for her, knowing that if she were to reveal her true self it would only cause them even more pain.

For years she watched in the shadows as the people she had once loved grew older, and moved on with their lives.

Her school friends were graduating, getting married, some of them even having children of their own, and yet Zombabiee remained in the same decaying state that she was the day she was bitten; doomed to a life of a teenager forever.

Each dreaded day was a form of torture, until one night, while wandering around the outskirts of town, she discover an old abandoned warehouse. What she saw amazed her.

There in front of her was the most beautiful, most glorious roller derby track she had ever seen. Almost as if she was expected, a woman by the name of Abby Arsenic took Zombabiee by the hand and led her towards the track. She taught Zombabiee the ways of roller derby, and for the first time in her living-dead life Zombabiee finally felt joy.

To this day, Zombabiee skates with her team, the Coffin Draggers, where her rotting flesh and eternal youth bother her no more (except when it comes to after parties, because she will never be able to go to them).