Coffin Draggers

#1029 Wreckless Rose

Rose was a sweet young school girl from a small town when she first met him. She was out at the park with some classmates when a loud rumble forced her to look up from her studies.

There in the distance were a gang of young biker rebels. Her heart pounded with excitement as they raced towards her.

She stood there in awe, and as they approached her friends they tried to grab her and tell her to come along.

Rose attempted to resist. As the bikers came closer, the leader pulled down his goggles and with a glance she found herself on the back of his bike. She was never heard from again.

Now what no one knows is that she did in fact die a gruesome death at the hands of bloodthirsty motor-psychos.

As she awoke from her deathly slumber she found herself alone in a cold dark alley and was quickly discovered by an equally ruthless gang of skater ghouls that gave her all the thrills and spills that her once closeted life could never satisfy.

Though she had to wait for death, she never felt more alive, and with that Wreckless Rose was born.