Schoolyard Scrappers

#669 Nikki BadAzz

Nikki Badazz: While being raised in a proper Catholic family, Nikki Badazz had her eyes set on becoming a sweet school teacher and assisting the Pastor in all his needs, until she met an altar boy in the alley after mass and he preached to her the gospel according to Danzig.

She saw the skies open at the first sweet whine of an electric guitar and found religion in the clash of the crash. Nikki Badazz quickly flipped from idolizing the Pastor to worshipping Judas Priest. Her pigtails morphed into a mohawk, bobbysocks to fishnets, and she decked herself out in spikes and studs instead of bows and bangles.

Between bouts and bands Nikki doesn’t find much time to write home to her parents or parish. This good girl has gone all kinds of Badazz.