Coffin Draggers

#7780 Moxi Mausoleum

Moxi was just your average girl, she was popular and beautiful and everyone loved her. One day she felt something was missing so she threw it all away to become a punk. She bleached her luscious blonde locks green, got a few piercings and tattoos, a whole new wardrobe and a whole new attitude.

The next day in class no one recognized her and that was just the way she liked it. The punks in Moxi’s class took notice of her transformation but felt that she was a poser, so they approached her with stories from beyond the grave and invited her to the old cemetery to prove that she was one of them. Moxi’s heart filled with joy but she played it cool. Her mind raced with many questions but they would be answered soon enough.

She made her way down to the graveyard and waited patiently for her new mysterious friends and when they appeared they took her on a tour of the old cemetery, the head stones were old and run down from the elements, they told tales of tragedy for the lost souls that were buried beneath her.

They stopped at a tall and ominous mausoleum, it was old, and covered in webs, yet something drew her to it, she was mesmerized by the spirits she could feel lurking within. Moxi’s new companions told her of the sacrifices that took place in the dark corners of the unholy shrine she stood before and told her that they were going to perform one on that very night.

Confused, she turned around and looked at them in horror as they grabbed her and tied her to the altar inside. They lit candles and chanted while surrounding her and told her that posers shall be sacrificed to the great one. She screamed as the dagger plunged into her beating heart and her last breathe escaped her. The mausoleum shook to their surprise and the undead emerged from the crypts with skates on their feet and crept towards them, they were surrounded with no escape.

Their leader whispered into Moxi’s ear and her eyes opened, she arose from the altar with vengeance and as if she was in a trance butchered the traitors as they intended to butcher her, when the trance was broken she looked up at the ghouls in their skates and they welcomed her to the Coffin Draggers, and disappeared into the fog.