Doomsday Valkyries

#423 Medusom Damage

As a young girl Medusum Damage was always keen of extreme activities. In school she was always picked as captain for their recess Rugby “pick-up” games. Her strong character paired with her kind heart led her to be the defender of the weak in grade school –needless to say bullies feared her.

One day as she was waiting in the ER, due to a broken nose she acquired from her weekly street hockey matches, she saw something very peculiar. A man with scratches to the face, ripped shirt, and roller skates on. Not one to be shy she quickly engaged in conversation with this stranger.

Long story short, this man was a Panda roller skate trainer for a circus that was in town. Medusum’s eyes lit! She join the circus as a trainer and performer. Fast forward to today – her Derby birth came on 2.16.16 and her name comes from her love for Greek myths, however the pronunciation has a touch of her enjoyment for Jamaican culture. Be sure to keep an eye out for Medusum Damage #423. She’s a savage and won’t think twice to crush anything or anyone that stands in her way.