Schoolyard Scrappers

#31 Felony Storm

It was a rough time for Felony in Phoenix’s lock-up. Never mind how she got there, Felony needed OUT! She knew she had a higher calling.

Felony was able to get word out through the prison grapevine to the Arizona Derby Dames backed track roller derby league that she had plans for the future with them.

The Schoolyard Scrappers team saw great potential in this girl, so much to offer if given the chance. They stashed a pair of skates outside the lock up and waited ever so patiently for the time to be right.

Eventually it happened. An epic AZ monsoon storm provided the moment. Locals affectionately refer to these storms as haboobs.

A grand storm came an Felony made her move, escaping the lock-up under cover of almost complete dusty darkness. She grabbed the skates and sprinted away, never looking back.

Felony made it to the Dames warehouse, where she’s been making her own rules on the banked track.

Kicking ass and taking names ever since, deciding to permanently add Storm to her name. Authorities have asked but no Dame would dare rat on the Felony Storm!!!