Schoolyard Scrappers

#724 Dolly Spartan

Derby Awards

Growing up in Dollywood, a theme park in the smokey mountains of Tennessee with a strict momma known all over the world for her singing song writing acting, producing and for being an extraordinary philanthropist, wasn’t always easy.

We traveled all over the world and lived in so many different places the lights and cameras were overwhelming, and living in the shadow of an icon assumed a lot of pressure. I never knew my father, not much about him either; my momma didn’t talk about him much and shrugged off any conversation I tried to have about him. I didn’t know much but I know he was a fighter, a strong man, and the one thing my momma would say about him was that I never backed down just like my daddy! Momma said that’s the only thing he gave me besides my name!


The most intriguing thing about traveling was exploring new things in the different places we would go. My first time in Phoenix I was in awe as my momma was on set of her upcoming movie, “Best Little Whore”, I wondered off to watch some girls near by roller skate on a rink unlike anything I had seen before.

It was banked and they were skating so fast, I could hardly keep up. The sport grabbed my attention the way that man grabbed my mommas behind on the set of that movie. I had to get a pair of skates and try this!!!!

After leaving Phx all I could think about was being part of that team, the AZ Derby Dames. The moment I turned 18 I left Dollywood and returned to Phx, practiced and practiced until finally I worked up the courage to try out.

After all the hard work and dedication I finally became a derby dame and followed my own dreams, no longer living in the shadows of my momma! My names in lights now and they read Dolly Spartan Arizona Derby Dame!!!