Coffin Draggers

Derby Awards

Craven woke up on a slab. She looked down at herself only to find the pathologist had proceeded with the autopsy. Her abdomen was wide open, her rib cage and abdominal cavity completely exposed. As the doctor started removing some of her ribs, Craven grabbed the rib cutters out of his hand and gauged his eyes out. She knew he wanted to remove her brain, but she had the upper hand now.

She reached for the bone saw and cut his skull in half. Realizing her partially dismembered state, she quickly found the surgeons needle and some twine. She stitched herself back up; snapping her bones back in place and shoving all of her vital organs back inside her empty torso. She didn’t know why she had come back, all she knew is that she was hungry — but for what?

As she planned her escape, she stopped suddenly. There was a sweet stench in the room, the smell of death, and brains. She knew she had to have them. Craven devoured the carcass whole, and it was love at first taste. Now there is nothing else that can satisfy her. No one knows exactly how Craven died in the first place, but she’s back, and she wants your cadaver.