Schoolyard Scrappers

#918 Ballistic Buffalo

I chose my skater name based on an interesting event that happened to me 23 years ago. I was in Yellowstone National Park to do some snowmobiling over the New Year. Our guide had stopped us on the side of the road to watch a very large herd of Buffalo (Bison), grazing in the field below. It was amazing to see these large animals so close up.

All of a sudden a very loud noise spooked these Buffalo causing them to become ballistic, and they started to move quickly up the hill, in our direction. Our guide yelled at us to get on our snowmobiles and GO! I had barely made it to my snowmobile, when the first of the buffalo had reached the road.

They split our group, and started to stampede in my group’s direction. I was the last one in our group and as I hit the throttle on my snowmobile, I was just in time to look over my shoulder and I could literally see the hot breath of a massive Ballistic Buffalo just a few feet away from me.

Eventually the Stampede of buffalo turned off the road and headed back down to the field. It was an equally frightening, and completely awe inspiring experience. In the midst of thinking, “I am going to die” I had a brief feeling of being part of this herd. Now, when I wake up every morning to drink my coffee, it is from a mug that proudly states, “Buffalo trapped in a human body”!

Ever since that day, I have had a fascination with these awesome creatures. This is why my skate number is 918. 918 is Phoenix Police Code for Insane Person! CRAZY! I am Insane and Crazy about Buffalos!