#17 The Kitchuation

Doomsday Valkyries

Captain, Triple-Threat, Jammer, Blocker, Pivot

Other Teams: Hot Shots

She attended her first practice hung over after meeting some derby girls at a bar on Saint Patrick’s Day. Unable to skate much at all in the beginning her stubbornness and competitive nature pushed her to practice 6 or 7 days a week until she could hold her own. Starting derby life in the flat track world she was the first captain of the Gaudylupes, a new team.

Then captain of The Bad News Beaters, an old team. In 2014 she was drafted onto the Tent City Terrors where her beautiful and fierce wife Amunisha is still killing it. Next she helped to give birth to another new team, Skate Riot Project. After a lot of mayhem and googley eyes there was a great explosion on the horizon. Bright and strangely comforting the bank track called its siren song. Kitch traversed the wastes and found a new home with the Doomsday Valkyries. 

Favorite quote: “May you find love. May you find it wherever it’s been hidden. May you find who has been hiding it and exact revenge upon them.”