#2-22 Scarlett Knockout


  • Jammer
  • Blocker

Hot Shots

  • Jammer
  • Blocker

Derby awards:

  • 2010- Best rack
  • 2010- Rookie of the year, Coffin Draggers
  • 2010-Season Champions,Coffin Draggers
  • 2011 march MVP- against school yard scrappers
  • 2011 December MVP- against Bombshells
  • 2011 best rack
  • 2011 most photogenic

Scarlett Knockout is just what her name implies, a feisty redhead with an appetite for violence. A fiercely loyal teammate, Scarlett dominates on and off the track. Don’t let her innocent, vintage appearance fool you though; if you underestimate her, you may learn firsthand just why they call her “Knockout”

Photos of Scarlett Knockout