#10-4 Bella Blowback

Bella was born into war. At times the battle playing out before her was atavistic and explosive- other times it was cold and calculated. In Bella’s life, hostility and rancor were an everyday occurrence. Psychological warfare was a constant as well.

The lies and manipulation she had to shield herself against made her mind sharp and her constitution strong. She learned quickly to rely on her intuition as a guide to survive in the trenches she knew so well. Bella became a torch, forged by the heat and pressure of her childhood; beaming the radiant light you see orbiting the AZ DD track today.

Here at the Hall of Dames, Bella has found her own Army of Freedom Fighters - the Doomsday Valkyries - ready to fight to the end for a righteous victory! Each season of the war rages on. Bella fine-tunes her skills; always looking behind her, listening for the faintest note of danger, bracing herself for the blow.

She arranges ironclad blockades and engages in hip-to- hit combat on the track, sending her enemies flying. Together, she and her roller derby sister-soldiers wade through the post-apocalyptic haze and battle it out for the glory and destiny of Valhalla. Witness us! - Bella Blowback